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Ye Old Schickele Shoppeís DVDís page lists several DVDís featuring the music of Peter Schickele or P.D.Q. Bach, all of which are available for sale through this Web site.  However, Mr. Schickele also contributed to other video projects that are only available on other Web sites.  The most recent of these is Bach and Friends, described below.


Bach and Friends

  Peter Schickele joins Joshua Bell, Bobby McFerrin, Edgar Meyer, Philip Glass, Hilary Hahn, Bťla Fleck, Chris Thile, Manuel Barrueco and the Emerson String Quartet in a new two-hour documentary on Johann Sebastian Bach ó the most influential composer in history.  A wide array of terrific Bach players share their innermost thoughts and personal reflections on the power and genius of Bachís music and perform his greatest masterpieces.  Mr. Schickeleís interview include some discussion on J.S. Bachís last and least son, including scenes from a performance of P.D.Q. Bachís The Only Piece Ever Written for Violin and Tuba.

The 2-DVD set from Michael Lawrence Films includes a bonus DVD of complete performances from the film ó featuring Joshua Bellís only recorded performance of the Chaconne and many other performances of music by J.S. Bach (though not the P.D.Q. Bach work).


For more information or to order online, following these links to the Michael Lawrence Films Web Site.

bulletBACH & friends web page:  http://www.mlfilms.com/productions/bach_project
bulletComments on BACH & friends:  http://www.mlfilms.com/productions/bach_project/comments
bulletPurchase BACH & friends:  http://www.mlfilms.com/productions/bach_project/purchase

Cover image is copyright ©2008 Michael Lawrence Films and used with the permission.


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