Ye Old Schickele Shoppe’s Books page lists several books written by or containing material by Peter Schickele, all of which are available for sale through this Web site.  However, there are several other books to which Peter Schickele contributed words or even music, and these other books may be much more difficult to find.  But they would be even more difficult to find if you don’t know what they were.  So as a public service to those who might be trying to find rare books containing Schickele contributions, here is a list of such books.  The list may even be complete, although there’s always the possibility that some books even rarer that those listed here have been overlooked.  If you know of any rarer books, please send an e-mail.

bulletSnooze:  The Best of Our Magazine conceived and created by Alfred Gingold and John Buskin (Workman Publishing, NY)

Porgy Makes the Met, a music theater review parody written as Wanerd Torper


bulletFamous Woodstock Cooks and Their Favorite Recipes by Joanne Michaels and Mary Barile (JMB Publications, Woodstock, NY)

Fried Water, a 2-part round that’s also a recipe


bulletKitchen Classics from the Philharmonic by June LeBell (Doubleday, NY)

P.D.Q. Bach’s Three-Step Crab Dinner, a three-part round


bulletCulinary Harmony:  Favorite Recipes of the World’s Finest Classical Musicians by David Rezits (DIR Publishers, Fort Wayne, IN)

 Gastronomic Remarks, a couple of general comments about food


bulletThe Lennon Companion edited by Elizabeth Thomson and David Gutman (Schirmer Books, NY)

Some memories and reflections about John Lennon and a four-part round Say, John...


bulletRounds Galore!  Captivating Rounds, Old and New by Sol Weber (AstoriaPress) 

Dona Nobis and To the New York Pinewoods Folk Music Club, four-part rounds


bulletBred Any Good Rooks Lately? edited by James Charton (Dell Publishing, NY)

One-page pun entitled A Memorable Item from the Annals of Haberdashery