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Before the creation of this Web site, The Peter Schickele Rag was the best way to find out the latest news about Peter Schickele and his activities.  This “small but modest newsletter” was generally published twice a year and contained touring information, crosspuzz wordles, photos, and other entertainment, kind of like this Web site except that it was sent by post to discerning subscribers.  While the news contained within them may be no longer the latest, it may be still of interest to historians and collectors.  Several issues have sold out, never to be seen again, but the remaining issues of The Peter Schickele Rag are available at a cost of $1.25 each.  The following descriptions can help you choose issues of interest.

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Issue Contents Price
1.  Summer 1979 RoundsWelcome to the First Issue, The Peter Schickele Rag, People Write Me, So EnjoyPhotos:  Prof. Schickele at the pianoforte.  News:  record releases, Abduction of Figaro commission.  Miscellaneous:  Crossword puzzle.  Pictogram. Sold Out!
2.  Autumn 1979 RoundsHere I Am, Tell Me, Canone a 3 voci booziOther MusicSignature ThemePhoto:  “Occupied”.  News:  1980 Touring Schedule, new record releases, preview of NY concerts, recent publications, Hornsmoke on TV.  Miscellaneous:  A Well-Defined Puzzle.  “A Memorable Fancy.” $1.25
3.  Spring 1980 CanonsThe Brothers Joad, Johann Sebastian Bach (original version), Now I Was Born in IowaPhotos:  several sets of 25˘ photo booth pictures.  Miscellaneous:  Crossword Puzzle.  Attention French Horn Players. $1.25
4.  Fall 1980 MusicGigging on the GoPhoto:  Card shark.  News:  1981 Touring Schedule, preview of NY concerts, the singer on Pentangle, newly published publications, honorary doctorate, error in Definitive Biography.  Miscellaneous:  Crossword puzzle.  Parnassus. $1.25
5.  Spring 1981 Employee of the Month:  William Walters.  News:  new publications, population of Hoople, Liebelieder Polkas released.  Photos:  from the Polkas photo session, and lots of Mr. Walters.  Miscellaneous:  Crossword puzzle, “obscure, but devious”, instructions for Gigging on the Go. $1.25
6.  Fall 1981 MusicYou Ask Me How I Feel, When My Daddy DecidedArt:  lots of Russ Ryan drawings.  News:  1981 Touring Schedule, preview of NY concerts, new publications, Irving Berlin piano explanation.  Miscellaneous:  Crossword puzzle, Graffiti from Los Angeles. $1.25
7.  Spring 1982 Employee of the Month:  John Ferrante.  News:  Fall 1982 Touring Schedule, Chamber Music Northwest concert, Music You Can’t Get Out Of Your Head released, new publications.  Photos:  lots of Mr. Ferrante or his brother.  Miscellaneous:  Crossword puzzle.   $1.25
8.  Fall 1982 Photo:  keeping fit while making music.  News:  Winter 1982 Touring Schedule, preview of NY concerts, P.D.Q. Bach ski cap.  Miscellaneous:  Downtown area.  Note:  This issue originally contained a flexible recording on John Ferrante singing Rossini, Purcell, Hahn, and Quilter. Sold Out!
9.  Spring 1983 CanonThe Charlotte LetterPhotos:  gallery of miscellaneous photos.  News:  other recordings available.  Miscellaneous:  two interlocking crossword puzzles in one.   Sold Out!
10.  Fall 1983 Introducing:  David Oei. Photos:  large flute through head picture, lots of or by Mr. Oei. News:  1983-1984 Touring Schedule, preview of NY concerts and Abduction of Figaro performances, A Little Nightmare Music on LP, P.D.Q. Bach now on cassette.  Miscellaneous:  Crossword puzzle, “What is it getting?”, “A Memorable Fancy.” Sold Out!
11.  Spring 1984 Art:  many drawings of Schickele made by audience members and others.  News:  new publications, P.D.Q. Bach in London. Miscellaneous:  Crossword puzzle.  $1.25
12.  Fall 1984 RoundDona Nobis PacemNews:  Winter 1985 Touring Schedule, recent publications, Bestiary and Quartet recording, Abduction of Figaro to air on PBS, another London concert, New England Conservatory commission.  Miscellaneous:  The Intimate P.D.Q. Bach Crossword Puzzle. $1.25
13.  Spring 1985 RoundWoe is the SingerNews:  Fall 1985 Touring Schedule, publication of Happy Birthday BachPicturesHappy Birthday Bach and Bach family picture.  Miscellaneous:  Happy Birthday Crossword Puzzle.  Grand Contest.  1950 Article by Frank Sullivan on Johann Wolfgang Hermann Bach. $1.25
14.  Winter 1985 RoundsIn My Experience, Results of the ContestPhotos:  Another series of photo booth pictures and other miscellany.  News:  Winter 1986 Touring Schedule, preview of NY concerts and Oedipus Tex premiere.  Miscellaneous:  Crossword puzzle.  Results of the contest.  A quote from a future Web site designer.  The words to A Consort of Choral Christmas Carols.  “Why is this man unhappy?”, “In praise of music.” $1.25
15.  Summer 1986 RoundIf MusicPhotos:  Jeff Ehrhart’s Ravel Agencies.  News:  preview of the new edition of The Intimate P.D.Q. Bach show, The Abduction of Figaro on videotape.  Miscellaneous:  Crossword puzzle, “How To, Brute?” $1.25
16.  Winter 1986 Pictures:  many sheep-related pictures.  News:  Winter 1987 Touring Schedule, Far Away From Here, and Scenes From Breughel, preview of NY concerts.  Miscellaneous:  Crossword puzzle, more sheep stuff. $1.25
17.  Summer 1987 RoundHere We Have An IssueArt:  drawing and calligraphy that people have sent in.  NewsSpring Serenade recording available.  Miscellaneous:  Crossword puzzle, statements found on insurance forms, quotes from grade school essays on classical music.   $1.25
18.  Winter 1987 Photos:  many more series of photo booth pictures.  News:  Winter 1988 Touring Schedule, preview of NY concerts, new commissions, premieres, recordings, and commissioned discoveries.  Miscellaneous:  Crossword puzzle. $1.25
19.  Summer 1988 RoundMariaPhotos:  concert band of Central High in Fargo, ND 1952, trip to France. Miscellaneous:  Crossword puzzle, more quotes from grade school essays on classical music, Gerald Tarack’s “English” synopsis of Carmen, request for knock-knock jokes and long words.   $1.25
20.  Fall 1988 Employee of the Month:  Dana Kruger.  Pictures:  Lots of Ms. Kruger.  News:  Winter 1989 Touring Schedule, preview of NY concerts, three books contributed to.  Miscellaneous:  Crossword puzzle, follow-up on knock-knock jokes. $1.25
21.  Spring 1989 Photos:  Thanksgiving Turkey, Smothers Brothers TV appearance.  News:  Cleveland Thanksgiving Turkey concerts, 1712 Overture CD released, New York Bassoon Quartet LP now available, new commissions, premieres, publications, composer-in-residencies, commissioned discovery, remarkable operatic production.  Miscellaneous:  Crossword puzzle, attempts to use word processor and computer music notation. $1.25
22.  Fall 1989 Poetry:  rhyming relentlessly.  Art:  miscellaneous photos and drawing.  News:  Winter 1990 Touring Schedule, Composer’s Showcase series, 1712 Overture CD on the Billboard charts.  Miscellaneous:  Crossword puzzle, The Rag’s 10th anniversary, “logosological breakthrough”, Jeff Ehrhart’s Travel. $1.25
23.  Spring 1990 Art:  drawings by Larry Benz of Calliope.  News:  Fall 1990 Touring Schedule, Grammy Award, Where the Wild Things Are videotape, Tyrannosaurus Rex on CD, commissions, premieres, publications, composer in residence, the end of the tour.  Miscellaneous:  Crossword puzzle, hitman haiku, uses of the letters “P. D. Q.,” Lawrence Widdoes P. D. Q. Bach boarder. $1.25
24.  Fall 1990 Features:  letters from students after a visit to an elementary school, viola jokes, quotes from Eugene Ormandy.  Art:  miscellaneous music-related artwork.  News:  April through June 1991 appearances.  Miscellaneous:  Crossword puzzle, “This is nonsense up with which I will not put,” “Feral powder rooms.” $1.25
26.  Spring 1994 Feature:  the report from the FBI’s investigation in Peter Schickele.  Photos:  Bassoon road signs.  News:  1994 Touring Schedule, Schickele Mix radio station list.  Miscellaneous:  Crossword puzzle, “Crime report”, “Signs of our times”, “Management interns’ final examination.” $1.25
27.  Fall 1995 Feature:  collection of lists, including “you are a redneck if...,” “Musician’s Math Quiz,” “How you can tell when it’s going to be a rotten day,” “music education”, “ten nicknames of works used by musicians,” “actual statements found on insurance forms.”  News:  1996 Touring Schedule, preview of NY concerts, two new P.D.Q. Bach recordings, another season of Schickele MixMiscellaneous:  Crossword puzzle. $1.25
28.  Fall 1996 Feature:  list of lists, including “The All-New National Endowment for the Arts Application for Funding,” “In praise of Syntax (more items from the world of advertising),” quotes from Lawrence Welk.  News:  1997 Touring Schedule, preview of NY concerts, recent publications, lots of new CD’s.  Miscellaneous:  Crossword puzzle, “Olive Free Library,” “Best Street Advertisement I’ve Seen in a While,” house manager’s report, Roman Senate complaint. $1.25
29.  Fall 1997 Feature:  “The No Bell, No Prize Awards,” including “Best Investigative Reporting,” “Worst Slogan,” “News Item Most Worthy of a Separate Box,” “Best, If Least Convincing, Hoax,” “Best Hollywood Biopic,” “Worst Mixing of Sensory Metaphors.”  News:  1998 Touring Schedule (world premieres). Miscellaneous:  Crossword puzzle, “Words of Note,” “What Exactly Is, Or Are, The Blues?,” “You might be a theory geek if....” $1.25

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