Spring Serenade
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Spring Serenade (Composers Recordings Inc. CRI CS-CAS-531):  for flute and piano, on Sue Ann Kahn plays Schickele, Rochberg, Riegger and Luening.  



bulletSue Ann Kahn, flute
bulletAndrew Willis, piano

Track Listing

Between Two Worlds (Ukiyo-e III):   Five Images for Flute and Piano (George Rochberg)

[1]  Fantasia

[2]  Scherzoso (fast dance)

[3]  Night Schene

[4]  Sarabande (slow dance)

[5]  Night Scene

Suite for Flute Alone (Wallingford Riegger)

[6]  Moderato

[7]  Vivace

[8]  Molto con sentimento

[9]  Allegro ironico

Third Short Sonata for Flute and Piano (Otto Luening)

[10]  I

[11]  Interlude

[12]  II

Spring Serenade (Peter Schickele)

[13]  Invocation

[14]  Pastorale

[15]  Whirlwind Waltz

[16]  Song

[17]  Finale


Audio Samples

Listen to short excerpts from Spring Serenade:

Spring Serenade

Audio Samples can be played using the free RealAudio player. 

Cover image, audio clips and track listings are copyright © 1986 Composers Recordings Inc. (CRI) and are used with the permission of CRI.  Any other copying by other parties for other uses is not authorized.

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