Morning Music
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Morning Music:  Never before recorded piano works by both Peter Schickele and P.D.Q. Bach performed by Laura Leon. This CD includes Peter Schickele’s settings of American folk songs Hollers, Hymns and Dirges, tributes to composers from the 16th20th century Epitaphs, and other solo piano works Second Sonatina, Small Serenade, and Little Suite for Susan.  It also includes P.D.Q. Bach’s Three Teeny Preludes and “Goldbrick” Variations and two Peter Schickele works for one-piano four-hands: Morning Music and Overture to “The Civilian Barber Overture” recorded with Blair McMillen, pianist of the acclaimed New York contemporary ensemble, Da Capo Chamber Players.



bulletLaura Leon, piano
bulletBlair McMillen, piano (in the four hands pieces)


Track Listing

[1]  Morning Music (Peter Schickele)

Hollers, Hymns and Dirges (Peter Schickele)

[2]  Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah

[3]  Oh, Death

[4]  Go Tell Aunt Rhody

[5]  Amazing Grace

[6]  There is a Happy Land

[7]  Darlin’ Corey

[8]  Ruby

[9]  When I Can Read My Title Clear

Little Suite for Susan (Peter Schickele)

[10]  Dulcimer Tune

[11]  Blues Etude

[12]  Tango

[13]  Strut

[14]  Hymn

[15]  Fanfare

[16]  Dusk Song

Epitaphs (Peter Schickele)

[17]  Orlando di Lasso

[18]  Michael Praetorius

[19]  Domenico Scarlatti

[20]  Frederic Chopin

[21]  Igor Stravinsky

Small Serenade (Peter Schickele)

[22]  Song

[23]  Riff

[24]  Rumba

[25]  Tango

[26]  Dream Waltz

[27]  Stomp

Second Sonatina (Peter Schickele)

[28]  I.  Moderately fast

[29]  II.  Slow

[30]  III.  Moderately fast

[31]  Overture to “The Civilian Barber” (Peter Schickele)

Three Teeny Preludes, S. .001 (P.D.Q. Bach)

[32]  I.  Moderato

[33]  II.  Andante

[34]  III.  Allegro moderato

“Goldbrick” Variations, S. 14 (P.D.Q. Bach)

[35]  Variation I:  Allegro Boffo

[36]  Variation II:  Lento Pathetico

[37]  Variation III:  Presto Changio

[38]  Theme:  Lento not so Pathetico



Audio Samples

Listen to short excerpts from Morning Music.

Morning Music and Hollers, Hymns and Dirges
Little Suite for Susan and Epitaphs
Small Serenade and Second Sonatina
“The Civilian Barber” Overture, Three Teeny Preludes and “Goldbrick” Variations

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