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Bestiary and Quartet (Vanguard LP-71278, CS-71278):  The former is a Music Theater Piece for Renaissance Ensemble performed by Calliope.  The Quartet for clarinet, violin, cello, piano is performed by members of Chamber Music Northwest.  



bulletPeter Schickele, narrator
bulletCalliope:  A Renaissance Band
bulletLucy Bardo, vielle; treble & bass viols; drum
bulletLawrence Benz, alto, tenor, bass sackbuts; soprano, alto, tenor recorders;  soprano, alto, tenor krummhorns;  finger cymbals;  hurdy-gurdy
bulletAllan Dean, cornetto;  alto sackbut;  soprano, alto, tenor krummhorns;  sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor recorders, soprano shawm
bulletBen Harms, soprano, alto, tenor recorders;  soprano, alto, tenor krummhorns;  alto sackbut;  tenor gemshorn;  alto shawm;  bass viol;  drum;  tambourine
bulletDavid Shifrin, clarinet
bulletEriko Sato, violin
bulletFred Sherry, cello
bulletDavid Oei, piano

Track Listing

Bestiary, A Music Theater Piece for Renaissance Ensemble

[1]  Introduction (Genesis)

[2]  Overture

[3]  Frogs (The Bestiary:  A Book of Beats, 12th century, translated from the Latin by T.H. White)

[4]  The Elephant (The Bestiary)

[5]  The Hedgehog (The Bestiary)

[6]  The Unicorn (The Bestiary)

[7]  The Whale (Anon.  13th century, translated from Middle English by Brian Stone)

[8]  The Butterfly (Anon.)

[9]  The Bee (The Bestiary and Caltha Poetarum, or the Bumble Bee, T. Cutwode, 1599)

[10]  Finale (the Dove) (Genesis and The Bestiary)

Quartet for Clarinet, Violin, Cello, and Piano

[11]  Moderato, Flowing

[12] Fast, Driving

[13]  Slow, Elegiac

[14]  Quite Fast, Dancing


Audio Samples

Listen to short excerpts from Bestiary and Quartet:


Audio Samples can be played using the free RealAudio player. 

Cover image, audio clips and track listings are copyright © 1984 Omega Records and are used with the permission of Omega Records.  Any other copying by other parties for other uses is not authorized.

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