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The American Chamber Ensemble Plays Peter Schickele (Elysium Recordings GRK 725):  Contains four Peter Schickele compositions with one clarinet or many:  Serenade for ThreeQuartet;  Monochrome III;  and Octet.   Hereís a quote from the liner notes:

The American Chamber ensemble Plays Peter Schickele celebrates the 40th anniversary of the American Chamber Ensemble, founded in 1965 by directors Blanche Abram, pianist and Naomi Drucker, clarinetist.  Dedicated to presenting, commissioning and recording American chamber music and especially the music of living composers, ACE turned to Peter Schickele as the composer whose music most represents a certain spirit and joy of life shared by the ensemble.



bulletBlanche Abram, piano
bulletNaomi Drucker, clarinet
bulletMarilyn Sherman Lehman, piano
bulletEriko Sato, violin
bulletDeborah Wong, violin
bulletLois Marin, viola
bulletChris Finckel, cello
bulletKurt Muroki, bass
bulletBraden Toan, bassoon
bulletEva Conti, French horn
bulletClarinet Band:
bulletStanley Drucker
bulletMindy Dragovich
bulletMitchell Estrin
bulletJess Gross
bulletAmy Shapiro
bulletLawrence Sobol
bulletPeter Weinberg
bulletRobert Yamis

Track Listing

Serenade for Three for clarinet, violin and piano (Peter Schickele)

[1]  Dances

[2]  Songs

[3]  Variations

Quartet for clarinet, violin, cello and piano (Peter Schickele)

[4]  Moderato, flowing

[5]  Fast, driving

[6]  Slow, elegiac

[7]  Quite fast, dancing

[8]  Monochrome III for nine clarinets (Peter Schickele)

Octet for clarinet, bassoon, French horn, string quartet and bass (Peter Schickele)

[9]  Fanfares and Entrances

[10]  A Walk in the Park

[11]  A Toast to Mozart

[12]  Finale



Audio Samples

Listen to short excerpts from The American Chamber Ensemble Plays Peter Schickele.

Serenade for Three and Quartet
Monochrome III and Octet

Audio Samples can be played using the free RealAudio player.   

Cover image, audio clips, line notes excerpt, and track listings are copyright © 2004 Elysium Recordings, Inc. and are used with the permission of Elysium Recordings.  Any other copying by other parties for other uses is not authorized.

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