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    Spring Forward
for Clarinet Quintet

The Peter Schickele recordings below are sorted into the following categories:

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Recording Name
(link to recording details)


Children’s Music

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Peter Schickele and An Die Musik performing Mr. Schickele’s recent family-friendly adaptation of the classic children’s story.  Newport Classics LC 8554.

CD $15.00
Mother Goose and More

A children’s collection of music by classical composers based on classic stories, narrated by Julie Andrews and Peter Schickele.  Classic Raps CR02D.

CD $15.95

String Quartets

String Quartet No. 1 “American Dreams,” Quintet No. 1 for Piano and Strings, and String Quartet No. 5 “A Year in the Country”  

The Audubon Quartet and Peter Schickele, piano.  Centaur CRC 2505.

CD $15.00
Blue Set 

A jazz string quartet commissioned for this recording, on Bluegreene by the Greene String Quartet.  Virgin Classics CD-45133.

CD $15.00
Schickele on a Lark

Peter Schickele and the Lark Quartet perform works of Peter Schickele (String Sextet, String Quartet No. 2 “In Memoriam” and Quintet No. 2 for Piano and Strings).  Arabesque Z7619.

CD Out of Print!

Available for
Quartet No. 1 “American Dreams”

Recorded for RCA Victor by The Audubon Quartet, which commissioned the work.  With Ezra Laderman’s String Quartet No. 6.  RCA CD-7719-2.

CD $15.00

Chamber Music

Spring Forward

The title piece recorded by David Shifrin with the Miró Quartet. The CD also contains clarinet quintet music by Richard Danielpour and Aaron Jay Kernis played by David Shifrin with the Dover Quartet and the Jasper String Quartet.

CD $15.00
Morning Music

Never before recorded piano works by both Peter Schickele and P.D.Q. Bach performed by Laura Leon. Contains Peter Schickele’s Morning Music, Hollers, Hymns and Dirges, Little Suite for Susan, Epitaphs, Small Serenade, Second Sonatina, and Overture to “The Civilian Barber”, and P.D.Q. Bach’s Three Teeny Preludes and “Goldbrick” Variations.

CD $15.00
A Year in the Catskills

The title piece recorded by the Blair Woodwind Quintet, along with Gardens for Oboe and Piano, What Did You Do Today at Jeffey’s House for French Horn and Piano, Dream Dances for Flute, Oboe, and Cello and Diversions for Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon.

CD $15.00
The American Chamber Ensemble Plays Peter Schickele

Contains Serenade for Three for clarinet, violin and piano;  Quartet for clarinet, violin, cello, and piano;  Monochrome III for nine clarinets;  and Octet for clarinet, bassoon, French horn, string quartet and bass.   Elysium Recordings GRK 725.

CD $15.00
Percussion Sonata No. 2 “Woodstock”

Performed by Nexus on the album Drumtalker.  CD also includes percussion pieces by Russell Hartenberger and Bob Becker.  NEXUS 10713.

CD $15.00
Serenade for Three 

Performed by The Orion Ensemble on A Celebration of American Chamber Music.  Includes variations on a theme from P.D.Q. Bach’s Oedipus Tex.  Orion Ensemble.  CD-71702.

CD $15.00
Hornsmoke:  Music of Peter Schickele Performed by The Chestnut Brass Company and the Composer  

Features the “Horse Opera For Brass Quintet” and the Piano Concerto #2 in F Major (“Ole”), plus other Peter Schickele pieces for Brass Quintet.  Winner of a Grammy Award in 2000 for Best Classical Crossover CD.  Newport Classics NCD 85638.

CD $15.00
Wanted:  The Bassoon Brothers  

Wanted for low-down playing and bass behavior.  Music for bassoon quartet, including Peter Schickele’s Blue Set No. 2 for four bassoons.  Crystal Records CD873.

CD $15.00
Dances for Three 

The title piece for two clarinets and bassoon, performed by Trio Indiana (in their arrangement for two clarinets and bass clarinet). Crystal Records CD734.

CD $15.00
Serenade for Three 

Performed by the Verdehr Trio (who commissioned the piece) on The Making of a Medium, Vol. 5.  Includes variations on a theme from P.D.Q. Bach’s Oedipus Tex. Crystal Records CD745.

CD $15.00
Spring Serenade

for flute and piano, on Sue Ann Kahn plays Schickele, Rochberg, Riegger and Luening.  Composers Recordings Inc. CS-CAS-531. 

 Currently Not Available
Bestiary and Quartet

The former is a Music Theater Piece for Renaissance Ensemble performed by Calliope.  The Quartet for clarinet, violin, cello, and piano is performed by members of Chamber Music Northwest.  Vanguard LP-71278, CS-71278.  Supplies are limited. 

CS $8.00

LP $8.00

Orchestral Music

Bassoon Concerto

George Sakakeeny and the Oberlin Orchestra, conducted by Raphael Jiménez.  Oberlin Music OC 15-05

CD $15.00
Clarinet Concerto

Robert Spring, clarinet, with the ProMusica Chamber Orchestra, Timothy Russell conducting.  Summit Records DCD-1023

CD $15.00
Thurber’s Dogs 

ProMusica Chamber Orchestra of Columbus, Timothy Russell conducting.  Includes drawings by James Thurber which were the inspiration for this composition.  d’Note Classics CD-DND-1010.

 Currently Not Available
Sneaky Pete and the Wolf

Prokofiev:  Peter (Sneaky Pete) and the Wolf;  Saint Saens:  Carnival of the Animals;  Written and Narrated by Peter Schickele.  Telarc CD-80350, CS-80350.  Supplies of cassette version are limited.

 CD $15.00

CS $8.00


Five songs for French Horn and Orchestra.  The Louisville Orchestra, Jorge Mester conducting.  Horn soloist:  Kenneth Albrecht.  Albany Records CD-024-2.

CD $15.00

Folk Music

Baptism—Original Master Series (Joan Baez)  

A selection of poetry sung and spoken to original music by Peter Schickele. Digitally re-mastered with three additional tracks from the same recordings sessions.  (The 1968 version is also available on LP below.)  Vanguard CD-79275.

CD $15.00
Joan—Original Master Series (Joan Baez) 

Songs arranged by Peter Schickele.  Digitally re-mastered with two additional tracks from the same recording sessions, including Peter Schickele’s arrangement of Autumn Leaves.  (The 1967 version is also available below.)  Vanguard CD-79720.

CD $15.00
Noël—Original Master Series  (Joan Baez)

Christmas songs orchestrated and conducted by Peter Schickele.  Digitally re-mastered with six additional tracks and new liner notes written by Peter Schickele.  (The original 1966 version is more difficult to find.)  Vanguard CD-79596.

CD $15.00
Baptism (Joan Baez)  

A selection of poetry sung and spoken to original music by Peter Schickele.  (This is the original 1968 version.  Also available in a re-mastered 2003 CD above.)  Vanguard LP-79275.  Only available on LP and supplies are limited.

LP $8.00

Joan (Joan Baez) 

Songs arranged by Peter Schickele.  (This is the 1967 version.  Also available in a re-mastered 2003 version above.)  Vanguard CD-79240.  Supplies are limited.

 CD $13.00
The Best of Buffy Sainte-Marie Vol. 2 

Songs orchestrated and conducted by Peter Schickele.  Vanguard CD-33/34.

CD $15.00

Broadway Musical

Oh! Calcutta!  Original Cast Album

The music from the long running Broadway musical with lyrics and music written by The Open Window (Robert Dennis, Peter Schickele, Stanley Walden).  Warning:  explicit language for mature adults only.  DRG Records CD-19035.

CD $15.00

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But wait, there’s more!  The above list contains all of the Peter Schickele recordings that are available for sale from Ye Olde Schickele Shoppe.  But what about P.D.Q. Bach recordings?  And what about recordings that aren’t available?  Fortunately for the dedicated collector, this Web site also contains separate pages for P.D.Q. Bach recordings and hard to find recordings.

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