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The Definitive Biography of P.D.Q. Bach Audiobook (HighBridge Audio CD-49923 CS-48278):  Printed books are all well and good, but, let’s face it, it’s a whole lot easier to let somebody else do the reading.  P.D.Q. Bach was probably the most passive composer who ever allegedly lived, so the less effort you put into learning about him, the more you carry on his ideals.  Abridged;  approximately 75 minutes on 1 compact disk or tape.



bullet Professor Peter Schickele, author and reader

Track Listing

[1]  Part the First - P.D.Q. Bach’s Background:  Cause or Effect?
     1.  Early Infancy (1742-1745)
     2.  Late Infancy (1745-1766)
     3.  The Lost Years (1766-1777)
     4.  The Turning Point (1777)

[2]  Glossary of Unusual Instruments Used by P.D.Q. Bach
          (from the Appendix and other places)

[3]  Part the Second:  The World of P.D.Q. Bach




Unfortunately, the CD and cassette tape versions of this audiobook are now out of print and it is no longer possible to order them through this Web site.  However, it is possible to download the audiobook from the following two external sites and burn it on CD yourself. — just go to and put “schickele” into the search box.


bulletiTunes — if you use the iTunes music service and have already downloaded the software from, then this link will take you right to the Definitive Biography Audiobook page: — available in an editing for the Amazon Kindle at

This item is available in a complete read-it-yourself ink-and-paper-based book edition.


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