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Recordings, Books, DVDís and other Merchandise

To purchase merchandise related to everyoneís favorite baroque composer and his discoverer, click on one of the links below.  You will discover a plethora of items from which to choose.  If you see something you like, you can create an order form by following the instructions on the pages.  Items will then be delivered to your very own door!


P.D.Q. Bach Recordings  

The complete recorded oevre of the minimeister of Wein-am-Rhein.



Peter Schickele Recordings

Chamber music, orchestral music, folk music, music for children and music not for children.




Adorn your TV.




Adorn your book shelf.




Adorn your body.




Adorn your walls.




Adorn your friendsí mailboxes.



Old Rags  

Historical back issues of The Peter Schickele Rag (not to adorn your birdcage).



David Schickele Recordings

Rare CDs of music by Peterís brother.


Sheet Music from Theodore Presser Company

Due to a colossal misunderstanding, much of P.D.Q. Bach is available on sheet music for purchase or rental from the Theodore Presser Company, who also publishes the music of Peter Schickele and Prof. Schickele.  For more information and to order on-line, go to the Theodore Presser Web Site following the links below.


P.D.Q. Bach Printed Music

A complete list of P.D.Q. Bach sheet music available for sale or rental on the Theodore Presser Company Web Site.


Peter Schickele Printed Music

A complete list of Peter Schickele sheet music available for sale or rental on the Theodore Presser Company Web Site.


Peter Schickele Birthday Tribute

Theodore Presser Company put together this video tribute in honor of Mr. Schickeleís 75th Birthday in 2010.



Hard To Find Recordings, Books, and DVDís

The following items are not available for purchase through Ye Olde Schickele Shoppeís online order form, but some of them are available through other Web Sites, and others are really difficult to track down, but listed here to assist the dedicated collector at least know what theyíre looking for.


Hard To Find Recordings

If you like looking through used record stores or online auction houses, the above link can provide you with a handy shopping list.



Hard To Find Books

Donít spend all day looking through used record stores;  spend part of the day looking through used book stores instead.



Hard To Find DVDís

Bach and Friends provides interviews about J.S. Bach with many musicians, including Peter Schickele.


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