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The Abduction Of Figaro (Video Arts International  VHS 69027):  A simply grand opera in three acts and by far the largest work by P.D.Q. Bach so far discovered, in the premiere performances by the Minnesota Opera, April 27 and 28, 1984, at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  This selection is only available on DVD.



bullet Professor Peter Schickele, conductor of Chorus, Corpse de Ballet, Orchestra of the Minnesota Opera, the Whole Schmeer
bulletLeroy Lehr, bass (Al Donfonso, Pasha Shaboom, Papa Geno)
bulletDana Kruger, mezzo soprano (Susanna Susannadanna, Mama Geno)
bulletBruce Edwin Ford, tenor (Pecadillo)
bulletMarilyn Brustadt, soprano (Donna Donna)
bulletLisbeth Lloyd, soprano (Blondie)
bulletMichael Burt, bass baritone (Donald Giovanni)
bulletJack Walsh, almost-a-baritone (Schlepporello)
bulletWill Roy, basso (Caption Kadd)
bullet John Ferrante, bargain counter tenor (Opec)
bulletMichael Montel, Stage Director
bulletLarry Hayden, Choreographer
bulletJohn Lee Beatty, Set Designer
bulletGail Bakkom, Costume Coordinator
bulletRichard Stead, Wig & Make-up Master
bulletRuth Roberts, Lighting Designer
bulletKaye S. Lavine, Television Director
bulletStephen Schmidt, Television Producer

The theme to Culture On Parade is performed by the London Serpent Trio (



Synopsis of Scenes


[1]  Introductory remarks by Prof. Peter Schickele

[2]  Opening Credits

[3]  Overture

Act One:  A town on the seacoast of Spain or Italy or somewhere

Scene One:  Figaro’s bedroom in the palace of Count Almamater
[4]   Introduction:  Found a peanut!
[5] Recit:  Ah, dear husband
Aria:  Stay with me
[6] Recit:  Suzanna
[7] Recit:  Dog!
Aria:  Perfidy, thy name is Donald
[8] Recit:  I am distraught
[9] Quartet:  Love is gone
Scene Two:  A courtyard of the palace
[10] Recit:  Well, here we are
[11] Aria:  Behold, fair maiden
[12] Recit:  Just a moment
Duet:  The lofty tree
Scene Three:  Figaro’s bedroom
[13] Recit:  And here is my husband
[14] Recit:  Hold it!
Aria:  My name is Captain Kadd
[15] Recit:  Now that you’ve heard
[16] Sextet:  What a downer!
Scene Four:  The courtyard
[17] Recit:  Schlepporello
Aria:  No man
Scene Five:  At the dock
[18] Recit:  What a strange turn of events
[19] Quintet and Chorus:  Ah, though we must part
[20] Act I Finale
[21] Introduction to Act II
Act Two:  Somewhere in the Turkish Empire
Scene One:  At the seashore
[22] Duet:  God be praised
Scene Two:  In front of the Pasha’s palace
[23] Aria:  Fish gotta swim
[24] Chorus:  Hey, make way
[25] Dance of the Seven Pails
[26] Recit:  Your immenseness
Duet, Chorus, and Dialogue:  Who is the highest
[28] Quartet:  May I introduce
Scene Three:  A courtyard of the palace
[29] Dialogue and Recit:  Why?
Aria and Dialogue:  Macho, macho
[30] Cavatina and Dialogue:  You can beat me
[31] Act II Finale
Act Three:  A tropical forest
[32] Ballet
[33] Trio and Dialogue:  A magic forest
[34] Duet and Dialogue:  I am a swineherd
[35] Finale (Part I) and Dialogue
[36] Aria and Dialogue:  Why, oh why
[37] Finale (Part II)
[38] Curtain Calls and Closing Credits
[39] Closing remarks by Prof. Peter Schickele

Audio Samples

Listen to The Abduction of Figaro:  The Hearer’s Digest Condensed Version.  This Condensed Version gives you the intangible essence of the original recording in one small, easy-to-swallow capsule summary. The hyper folks at Hearer’s Digest have created this sample by slicing, dicing, and splicing, until it somewhat resembles excerpts of the original recording that are “severely truncated, but shorter.”

The Abduction of Figaro:  The Hearer’s Digest Condensed Version

This Hearer’s Digest Condensed Version is made of excerpts from the following:  Introduction to Act II—Now that you’ve heardWhat a downer!And here is my husbandNo manSchlepporelloBehold, fair maidenStay with meI am distraughtNo manAct I FinaleFinale (Part I) and Dialogue.

Audio Samples can be played using the free RealAudio player. 

Cover image, audio clips and scene listings are copyright © 1984 The Figaro Partnership, Ltd, Video Artists International (VAI) and are used with the permission of VAI.  Any other copying by other parties for other uses is not authorized.

Unfortunately, VHS videotapes of this item are no longer available from this Web site.  Everything on the videotape, plus some bonus material, is available on The Abduction of Figaro DVD.  The VHS videotape can be ordered directly from Video Artists International on either the North American NTSC format or the European PAL format.
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