The Definitive Biography
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The Definitive Biography of P.D.Q. Bach:  (Random House/New York):  In this long-awaited hoax, possibly the most unimportant piece of scholarship in over two thousand years, Professor Peter Schickele has finally succeeded in ripping the veil of obscurity from the most unusual—to put it kindly—composer in the history of music:  P.D.Q. Bach, the last and unquestionably the least of the great Johann Sebastian Bach’s many children.

Chapter Listing:

Preface to the English Language Edition
Author’s Note
Table of Contents

I.  P.D.Q. Bach’s Background:  Cause or Effect?
     1.  Early Infancy (1742-1745)
     2.  Late Infancy (1745-1766)
     3.  The Lost Years (1766-1777)
     4.  The Turning Point (1777)

II.  The World of P.D.Q. Bach:  A Pictorial Essay

III.  Man or Myth?:  In Search of P.D.Q. Bach

IV  “Such a Horrid Clang”:  An Annotated Catalogue of the Music of P.D.Q. Bach
     1.  The Initial Plunge
     2.  The Soused Period
     3.  Contrition
     4.  Undiscovered Works

     A.  A Map of P.D.Q. Bach’s Travels
     B.  A Map of P.D.Q. Bach’s Public Performances
     C.  Charles Burney’s Account of His Visit to Wein-am-Rhein in 1788
     D.  Bibliography
     E.  Analysis of the Two-Part Contraption
     F.  Discography
     G.  Glossary of Unusual Instruments Used by P.D.Q. Bach
     H.  The Bach Family Tree


This work has also been recorded as an audiobook.

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