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There are two ways to find out the latest news about Peter Schickele and P.D.Q. Bach using this Web site:  1) check the news items on the home page every so often to see when new announcements have been posted;  and 2) sign up for the mailing list using the form below and check your e-mail every so often.  The news information is the same for both options, but for some reason which has never been explained, the Webmeister always writes new text with completely different wording for the e-mail announcements.  The second of the two methods might be more convenient for those people who tend to read their e-mail anyway, and can help avoid missing, for example, a radio interview that we donít hear about until the day before it happens.  

If you sign up using the form below, e-mail updates will be sent out whenever there is a new CD with Peter Schickele music, or a new season of concerts of P.D.Q. Bach music, or a new crossword puzzle, or whenever there is any exciting and new news about the music and world of Peter Schickele and P.D.Q. Bach.  (The timing between announcements may range from a few days to several months depending on what is going on.)  The information you supply on this form will be used only for sending Schickele-related e-mailóit wonít be sold, leased, or shown to any marketing conglomerates, unrelenting Spammers, or anybody elseóand youíll be able to remove your name from this mailing list anytime it gets old and boring. 


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