An IMPORTANT QUERY from the Professor Himself: 

Do you want to relive your experience of P.D.Q. Bach again and again and again and again on DVD?

We’ve been asking the above question for many weeks now, and have gotten many enthusiastic responses, many of them even indicating that they would actually like to see a P.D.Q. Bach concert on DVD.  The survey responses were passed along to the production company that was thinking of making the DVD, and here are the results from Prof. Schickele himself:

There’s good news and bad news.

The bad news is that the projected videotaping of this year’s annual P.D.Q. Bach concerts in New York City, which would, it was hoped, lead to a purchasable DVD, is not going to happen after all;  plans are being made for next year’s gala 40th anniversary bash.  The good news is that photographs taken by a spacecraft orbiting Mars indicate that active volcanoes may still exist on the planet. 

Thank you to everybody who took the time to complete the survey.  It’s good to know there’s some dedicated audience support for this type of project. 

One note to people who put questions in the comment box:  this really was an anonymous survey, and there’s no way of answering all of the individual questions that were asked.  If you really wanted a reply, please e-mail us your question and enclose a self-address, stamped, return e-mail address.  But I would like to answer one question that was asked a surprising number of times, and which suggests that our advertising techniques may be way too subtle.  The answer is:  P.D.Q. Bach’s The Abduction of Figaro is already available on DVD.