The following people made this web site what it is, are responsible for its content, and hold all copyrights for material not otherwise indicated.

bulletPeter Schickele:  Editor-in-Chief and the person without whom this web site would have been really pointless.
bulletMichèle Eaton:  Administrative Guru and the person who makes sure that everything gets done.
bulletLloyd Peterson:  Webmeister and the person who handles all the boring technical details.
bulletSusan Peterson:  Webmeistress and the person who puts the “art” in “Clip-Art”.
bulletEmma Peterson:  T-shirt model and the person who has to put up with all of this.




The following people have kindly given us permission to include their copyrighted photographs or artwork or audio clips or information on our web site. 

bulletPeter Schaaf
bulletTelarc International
bulletVanguard Records
bulletArabesque Records
bulletCentaur Records
bulletComposers Recordings Inc (CRI)
bulletCrystal Records
bulletd’Note Classics
bulletNewport Classic
bulletOmega Records
bulletBarry Socher
bulletPeter Luyre
bullet“Michael Shapiro is just plain tickled pink to have his drawing on Peter Schickele’s website”
bulletKay Casteel
bulletNational Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences

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