P.D.Q. Bach:  The “What’s Your Sign?” Tour

  What’s your sign?  Well, based on your personality, I am quite sure it is one of the signs featured in P.D.Q. Bach’s Twelve Quite Heavenly Songs, a dangerously ambitious song-cycle based on the signs of the zodiac, and the imposing centerpiece of The “What’s Your Sign?” Tour.

And appropriately enough for a touring production, the program also includes a piece written for an itinerant keyboarder, playing an itinerant keyboard, as she accompanies a solo plumber:  the Allegro Gabinetto.  Even two hundred years after P.D.Q. Bach wrote the piece, plumbers still make house calls, so Prof. Schickele will be playing a whole host of instruments that sound as good in a concert hall as they do in a bathroom.

The show will be rounded off by rounds, as well as songs, by both P.D.Q. Bach and his altered ego Peter Schickele.

For this program, the intrepid singers (soprano) Michèle Eaton and (tenor) Brian Dougherty are joined by keyboarder Margaret “Peggy” Kampmeier.   To get in on to the tour, go to the concert schedule page to find out where and when the stars are in alignment for The “What’s Your Sign” Tour