P.D.Q. Bach Strikes Back

  P.D.Q. Bach Strikes Back is one of five different concerts of the music of P.D.Q. Bach that can be seen across the country.  Highlights include P.D.Q.’s “Howdy” Symphony (the minimeister’s answer to Haydn’s “Farewell” Symphony) and Classical Rap (a paean to the tribulations of trying to get along on the Upper West Side).  Prof. Schickele also conducts his Uptown Hoedown, which deftly incorporates well-known classical themes into popular square dance tunes.

Finishing the concert off is the recently discovered orchestral version of his Twelve Quite Heavenly Songs, a ridiculously ambitious song cycle based on the signs of the zodiac.  This “Director’s Cut” differs from the version recorded on Vanguard Records not only by including a full orchestral accompaniment and the entire overture, but also by featuring three singers instead of two.  Joining Prof. Schickele as the other two singers are soprano Michčle Eaton and tenor David Düsing.

This strikingly entertaining program is playing at indiscriminating theatres around the country.  See the concert schedule page for dates and places.