P.D.Q. Bach:  The Vegas Years

  P.D.Q. Bach:  The Vegas Years is one of the P.D.Q. Bach touring programs that includes a modest-sized orchestra and conductor—although, actually, the conductor may be any size the orchestra wishes.  The pièce de resistance of this program is a suite of selections from P.D.Q.’s shameless dramatic oratorio, Oedipus Tex, featuring soprano Michèle Eaton as Billie Jo Casta and tenor David Düsing as tenor David Düsing, with the Professor himself filling the boots of the charismatic title character.  Also in the second half of the program are selections from the Art of the Ground Round, fully introduced by Professor Peter Schickele himself. 

The first half of the concert features one of the most recent P.D.Q. Bach discoveries, the cantata Gott sei dank, daβ heute Freitag ist (“Thank God It’s Friday”), for soprano and about a dozen instruments, depending on how you count the percussion, as well as some Schickele stuff including the infamous Songs from Shakespeare, in which some of the Bard’s best-known speeches are dropped into a seething vat of 1950’s pop music styles.  Also on this program is Swing Sweet, Low Chariot, which is an ingenious... hey, wait a minute—why should we give it away before you’ve bought a ticket?

This tastefully boffo program is now playing wherever fine orchestras are willing to present it.  See the concert schedule page for dates and places.