Evening Musical Mayhem

P.D.Q. Bach:  An Evening of Musical Mayhem

  Imagine a world without cell phones, chocolate martinis and Paris Hilton.  That’s what it was like in 1965, when the first public, above-ground, government-sanctioned (although not encouraged) P.D.Q. Bach concert took place.  The good Professor is now offering a NEW AND HILARIOUS orchestral program featuring two excerpts from P.D.Q.’s mercifully incomplete opera “The Civilian Barber”:  the Suite, with its inimitable Polizeipośaune (police trombone) solos, and the Perückenstück (Hairpiece), which includes the most extensive solos for the soprano proctophone in the entire literature.

The Professor’s Eine Kleine Nichtmusik, containing no—count them, zero—original melodies, will root the program in the masterpieces of Western music from which the Professor cribbed.

As a blistering finale the program will end with P.D.Q. Bach’s piano concerto (which is, let’s face it, what it actually is), Variations on an Unusually Simple-Minded Theme. They say that the simpler the theme, the more complicated the variations, but that’s just what they say.  The multi-tasking Professor will commandeer the keyboard.

This remarkable milestone in music is available for performances with symphony orchestras around the country.  See the main Concert Tours page for details and this and other P.D.Q. Bach concert programs. 


Audio Sample

Suite from “The Civilian Barber” (excerpts) Listen to a sample of one of the pieces on the program, as found on the Vanguard recording P.D.Q. Bach:  Music You Can’t Get Out Of Your Head.   The excerpts are from the following movements of the Suite from “The Civilian Barber”:  Her majesty’s minuet, His majesty’s minuet, Entrance of the dragoons (in that order), copyright 1982 Vanguard Records.  Used by permission.

Audio Samples can be played using the free RealAudio player. 


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