P.D.Q. Bach, like all truly great villains, refuses to die.  Yes, he’s back, and Lincoln Center’s got him!

This year’s concert of effluvia from the Darth Vader of classical music includes not only the inimitable Schleptet, the poignantly brazen Suite from “The Civilian Barber,” and the longest bassoon joke of all time—the minimeister’s Concerto for Bassoon vs. Orchestra, with the good Professor at the bassoon;  it also features a concert performance of Two and a Half Variations on “In Dulci Jubilo,” the only 18th Century work by a southern German composer employing koto, musical saw, krummhorn and serpent.  All of which makes for a combustible cornucopia of P.D.Q. Bach treats you just can’t afford to avoid! With Professor Peter Schickele in person, aided and abetted by the ever-ready New York Pick-Up Ensemble.

The Peter Schickele/P.D.Q. Bach Web Site is proud to present a multi-media exploration of the works on the upcoming concert.  Using the links below, you can See, Hear, and even Buy items relating to works on the program!