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50 Years of Madness

Unusual instruments cannot take the entire blame for the odd sound of P.D.Q. Bach.  Some concerts featured stage productions of opera with no unusual instruments, including John Ferrante as Don Octave in The Stoned Guest and Peter Schickele as Salieri in A Little Nightmare Music...


...which just shows that Prof. Schickele did not always follow that old show business rule to never work with animals or opera singers.


For fifty years, Prof. Schickele and crew have been travelling around the world to bring the music of P.D.Q. Bach to discerning audiences everywhere, including (left to right) Chicago, Illinois;  Edmonton, Alberta; and Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.


Happy 50th Anniversary, P.D.Q. Bach and 80th Birthday, Peter Schickele!

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Photos on this page copyright William Walters except for first row left by Susan Peterson and second row right by SeaWorld (http://seaworldparks.com/).  Yes, I know the airport picture is from Chicago O'Hare;  the point is that they are on their way to Edmonton, which is very different from presenting a concert at Symphony Center in the previous photo. 


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