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50 Years of Musicians



The premiere cast of The Intimate P.D.Q. Bach show featured (left to right) Prof. Schickele, Pianoer David Oei, Bargain Counter Tenor John Ferrante, and (continuing on next photo) Stage Manager William “Bill” Walters (behind harpsichord and a bunch of other people).



The final cast of The Intimate P.D.Q. Bach show consisted of (second picture, left to right) Stage Hand Hal Coon, Mezzanine Soprano Dana Kruger, Stage Manager William Walters, Prof. Schickele, and Pianoer Peter Lurye.



P.D.Q. Bach & Peter Schickele:  The Jekyll and Hyde Tour showcased (right to left) tenor David Düsing, Prof. Schickele, soprano Michèle Eaton, and (next picture, center) Stage Manager Bill Walters.  Also pictured with the “Five Bespectacled Astrologers” on the right, emergency substitute pianist for P.D.Q. Bach:  The “What’s Your Sign?” Tour Lloyd Peterson.



To take these shows into their sixth decade, (left to right) Prof. Schickele, Off-Coloratura Soprano Michele Eaton, and Tenor Profundo Brian Dougherty, and Stage Manager William Walters (not shown, behind camera) perform with orchestras in P.D.Q. Bach at 50: As Good as he Ever Was and with keyboarder Margaret Kampmeier (center) for 50 Years of P.D.Q. Bach: A Triumph of Incompetence.
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Photos on this page copyright William Walters except for first row left by Kim Massie, second row left by Peter Schaaf (http://peterschaaf.com/), second row right by Steve Sherman, third row left by Amy L. Peterson (http://www.amylpeterson.com/), and third row right courtesy of a bartender in Orono, ME.


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