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50 Years On The Stage


Prof. Schickele has played many roles to bring P.D.Q. Bach music to the stage.  The highly informative lectures introducing the pieces and the life of P.D.Q. Bach were a feature from the very start, and have continued to the present day.
He will do whatever is necessary to get P.D.Q. Bachís music to the stage, including singing (above, far right) and conducting (above, even farther right).
Prof. Schickele plays whatever piano is available, exclusively.  When necessary, heíll even share a stage with a harpsichord.


P.D.Q. Bachís Schleptet, while never performed during the composerís lifetime, has been a regular fixture on concerts over the past 50 years, including in Avery Fisher Hall, New York, in 1967, and conducted by Prof. Schickele at the very same location exactly 35 years later.

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