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Program Number 1:  “Up and About/Steady/Octave”
The Up and About Piano Suite
The Steady as She Goes Piano Suite
The Skip-Up an Octave at an Unexpected Time Song Cycle

Program Number 2:  “Harmonic Rhythm”
The Fast Harmonic Rhythm Suite: “Every Step Counts”
The Slow Harmonic Rhythm Suite: “Fancy Footwork”

Program Number 3:  “Trance/One Chord”
The Off-the-Wall Trance Suite
One Monomaniacal Chord Suite

Program Number 4:  “Surprise”
The Gross Surprise Suite
Examples of Subtle Surprise in Music

Program Number 5:  “French Horn/When to Stand, When to Move”
Hybrid Concerto for Horn
The Know When to Stand, Know When to Move Suite

Program Number 6:  “Religious Music”
Composite Mass No. 1
Two Religious Worship Scenes
The Quasi-Religious Song Cycle

Program Number 7:  “1 Line, 2 Line, 3 Line”
The One Line A Cappella Suite
The Two Line A Cappella Suite
The Three Line A Cappella Suite

Program Number 8:  “Speaking, Nonsense”
The Is It Speaking, Or Is It Singing? Suite
The Stop Making Sense Suite

Program Number 9:  “A Capella”
The Multi-Line A Cappella Suite No. 1
The Increasingly Incredible Vocal Suite
The Multi-Line A Cappella Suite No. 2

Program Number 10:  “Trio”
The Inter-Era Trio Sonata
The Non-Trio Sonata Trio Suite
The Inter-Gender Vocal Trio Suite

Program Number 11:  “Say It and Play It”
The Say It and Play It Suite No. 1
The Say It and Play It Suite No. 2
The Say It and Play It Suite No. 3

Program Number 12:  “Harp, Scales”
The Non-Glissando Harp Sonata
The International Harp Concerto
The Full-Scale Suite

Program Number 13:  “Singing in the Cracks, Song Sayer”
The Intentionally Singing in the Cracks Suite
The Unintentionally (Wink, Wink) Singing in the Cracks Suite
The Lightweight & The Heavyweight
The Song Sayer Suite

Program Number 14:  “Patter/Melismatic”
A Brief & Encyclopedically-Incomplete History of the Patter Song
The Sort of Patter Song Cycle
The Molto Melismatic Song Cycle

Program Number 15:  “Musical Criticism”

Program Number 16:  “Animals”
The About Animals Song Cycle No. 1
The By Animals Song Cycle
The About Animals Song Cycle No. 2

Program Number 17:  “Parallel #1”
The Parallel Interval Song Cycle
The Parallel Chord Song Cycle
The “Make the Players Sing” Song Cycle

Program Number 18:  “Jazz Arrangements of Classical Music”

Program Number 19:  “Parallel #2”
The Parallel Thirds Suite
The Parallel Various Intervals Suite
The Parellel 1st Inversion Triads Suite

Program Number 20:  “Baroque Beatles Book/Welcome to the Jungle”

Program Number 21:  “Singing Instrumental Music/Up a 3rd, Down a 5th”
The Singing Music Meant to be Played Song Cycle
The Up a Third, Down a Fifth Sequence Suite

Program Number 22:  “Arrangement or Adaptation?”

Program Number 23:  “Concerto Grosso”
The Tri-Century Concerto Grosso
The Classical-and-Beyond Concerto Grosso

Program Number 24:  “Parental”
The Parental Song Cycle
The Maternal Song Cycle
The Paternal Song Cycle

Program Number 25:  “Birthday”
The Birthday Suite
The Giving Birth Song Cycle
Snapshots From the Family Album

Program Number 26:  “Lullabies”
First Try: Four Lullabies
Second Try: Four More Lullabies
Last Try: Five Lullabies

Program Number 27:  “Death”
Three Versions of a Dirge
The Death-Defiant Song Cycle
The Ecstasy of Death Song Cycle

Program Number 28:  “Bass/Bass Lines”
Three Bass Hits
Walking Bass Snippets
Bassline-Less Snippets
The Can’t-Get-Enough-of-that-Bass-Line Suite
The Canon on the Ground Suite

Program Number 29:  “Heaven/Nutcracker”
The Visions of Heaven Song Cycle
The All-New, 100%-Improved Nutcracker Suite

Program Number 30:  “Christmas Presence”
An International Christmas
An American Christmas
An Instrumental Christmas
An Old World Christmas

Program Number 31:  “What Happens Between the Notes”
Great Pauses in Western Music
The “Hooked on Pauses” Suite
The Rather Detached Suite

Program Number 32:  “Belly Up to The Bar”
In Praise of Booze
The “Personally, I Never Touch the Stuff” Song Cycle
The Serious Drinkers Own Song Cycle
Two for the Road

Program Number 33:  “A Musical Aviary”
The “All About Birds” Song Cycle
The “Birds In the Orchestra” Suite
The “Aren’t Birds Cute” Suite
Serious Birds

Program Number 34:  “The Bach of Gibraltar”
The “Haven’t I Heard You Somewhere Before?” Suite

Program Number 35:  “And I Quote …”

Program Number 36:  “Ma & Pa Kettle Drum”
The “Brief But Important Timpani Solo” Suite
The “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Drumming” Suite
The “Timpani As Superstar” Suite

Program Number 37:  “The Big Chill-Out”
Chill-Out Suite No. 1
Chill-Out Suite No. 2
The “Busy, Busy, Busy” Suite

Program Number 38:  “About Bells”
The “Bells Alone” Suite
The “Bells In the Band” Suite
The “Completely-Tamed Bell” Suite
The “Imitation Bell” Suite

Program Number 39:  “The Devil To Pay”
The “He Might Just Be the Fellow Sitting Next To You Now” Song Cycle
The “Hell Is Where You Find It” Song Cycle
Taking On the Devil
The Devil Meets His Match

Program Number 40:  “Varieties of Organic Experience”
Varieties of Organic Experience I
Varieties of Organic Experience II
Three Giants

Program Number 41:  “Growing Up Binary”

Program Number 42:  “Dominant Characteristics”
Tonic & Dominant on Parade
What Goes Up a Fifth Must Come Down a Fifth
The “All You Need Is Tonic & Dominant” Suite
The “Non-Dominant Gene” Song Cycle
Three Points Define a Plane
The “If It’s Good Enough for ’Twist & Shout’” Suite

Program Number 43:  “Humor Me”

Program Number 44:  “Leave the Meter Running”
The Loud & Soft of It

Program Number 45:  “There’s a Composer In All of Us”
The Bureaucrat, the Actor & the Painter
The Philosopher, the Poet & the Novelist
The “Composer As Singer” Song Cycle

Program Number 46:  “Woe Is Me”
The “Nobody Knows the Very Specific Kinds of Trouble I’ve Seen” Song Cycle
The “Lack of Money Is the Root of All Evil” Song Cycle
The “Class Action Woes” Song Cycle

Program Number 47:  “You Are, and You Sing About, What You Eat”
The “Food Is Better Than No Food” Song Cycle
The “Let’s Get Specific” Food Song Cycle
The “Something to Wash It Down” Song Cycle

Program Number 48:  “Tracks of Blood”
The “Meanings of Blood” Song Cycle
The “Blood Spilled” Song Cycle
The “River of Blood” Song Cycle

Program Number 49:  “Imitation Is the Sincerest Form”
A Round of Rounds
A Round of Rounds with a Twist
How Many Times Do I Have to Tell You? Canons
Tailgating Canons

Program Number 50:  “A Pair of Chords That Will Last”
Major/Minor Suitelet
Three Unusually Minor Pieces
The Peppy Minor Suite

Program Number 51:  “Splitting the Octave”
The “Splitting the Octave” Suite
The “Uh Oh” Suite

Program Number 52:  “The Fugal Gourmet”
Fugue-Bound Suite
The “That’s an Interesting Subject” Fugue Suite

Program Number 53:  “Fugues: Can’t Live With ’Em, Can’t Live Without ’Em”
The “Bach on My Back” Suite
The “Working My Way Back to Fugue” Suite

Program Number 54:  “What You Please”
Three Hymns Used in Ives’ 4th Symphony

Program Number 55:  “Is There a Fugue in Your Future?”
The Well-Tempered Clavier Rides Again
The “Fugues in the Orchestra” Suite

Program Number 56:  “Varieties of Variation”

Program Number 57:  “Hold That Melody!”

Program Number 58:  “Hold That Harmony!”
The “What Melody? I Didn’t Hear No Melody” Variations
Inter-Era Paganini Variations, Book I
Inter-Era Paganini Variations, Book II

Program Number 59:  “Bass-Based Variations”
The Unmistakenly Bass-Based Suite
A Peculiar Pair of Pretty Potent Passacaglias

Program Number 60:  “Weathering the Storm”
Triple Weather Whammy
Flood Report No. 1
Flood Report No. 2
Handel: “Israel in Egypt”

Program Number 61:  “H2O Above and Below”
Instrumental Rain
Vocal Rain
The “Hope for Springs is Eternal” Song Cycle

Program Number 62:  “True or Falsetto”
The Bad, the Good and the Unbelievable
Who Ya Gonna Call? Voice Busters!

Program Number 63:  “Pipes & All”
Pipes & a Few Others
Pipes & a Lot of Others
Pipes & Voice

Program Number 64:  “Taking the Fifth”

Program Number 65:  “License or Larceny?”

Program Number 66:  “Say It and Sing It”
Stop the Music
Leave the Motor Running

Program Number 67:  “Instrumental Exotica”
Jaw Suite
Saw Suite
Slide Whistle Suite
Theremin Suite

Program Number 68:  “What IS that Instrument”
One-of-a-Kind Instrumental Aggregations
Teaching Old Pianos New Tricks
How Do You Do That, Anyway?
Strange Bedfellows

Program Number 69:  “For He Heard the Loud Bassoon”
Stravinsky Bassoon Collage
Inter-Era Bassoon Sonata
Inter-Era Bassoon Concerto

Program Number 70:  “Au Contraire, Mon Frère!”
The “Keep It Coming” Suite

Program Number 71:  “Back to Basics”
The “What Next?” Suite
The “Set It in Motion & Let It Run” Suite

Program Number 72:  “Hold That Note!”
Differently-Done Drones
Drone on
Hurdy-Gurdy Heaven

Program Number 73:  “Mutes and Mutability”
The Five Faces of Eve
Invasion of the Sound Snatchers

Program Number 74:  “A Many-Splendored String”
The “Accentuate the Marginal” Suite
Lots of Pluck

Program Number 75:  “Schickele Mix: The Movie”
I Don’t Usually Do This Sort of Thing, But ...

Program Number 76:  “Do I Hear the Waltz? Well, Do I?”
The “A Moment Too Soon” Suite

Program Number 77:  “Beyond the Blue Danube”
The “Not Quite Nice” Waltzes
Three Sort-Of Waltzes
The “Take It to the Limit” Waltz Suite
Three Degrees of Waltzishness

Program Number 78:  “Let’s Get This Thing Over With!”
“No Big Deal” Suitelet
“That’s All There Is” Suitelet

Program Number 79:  “Great Endings I Have Known”
Two Surprise Endings
Two Cute Endings
Two Vanishing Endings
Two Delicious Endings

Program Number 80:  “A Fargo Christmas”

Program Number 81:  “Why are Conductors Paid?”

Program Number 82:  “Words Fail Me”
Vocalists as Instrumental Soloists
The Best of Both Worlds
Vocalists as Members of the Band
Shut Your Mouth

Program Number 83:  “Clarinet Marmalade”
Got My Chalumeaujo Workin’
How High the Tune
The Long & The Short of It
Varieties of Clarinetal Experience

Program Number 84:  “Clarinet Plus”
Clarinet Sonata No. 1 in E Flat minor
A Real Team Player
Clarinet Clusters

Program Number 85:  “What it Takes Two to”
The “Take it to the Limit” Tango Suite
The “Take it to the Limit One More Time” Tango Suite
Afternoons at the Palm Court

Program Number 86:  “Pendulum in White Tie & Tails”

Program Number 87:  “First Things First”

Program Number 88:  “Ah, Youth!”

Program Number 89:  “Masculine/Feminine”

Program Number 90:  “Cherchez la Femme”
Cherchez la Femme
Women’s Music, i. e., Music by Women

Program Number 91:  “You Can’t Pin That On Me!”
Mozart Beginnings
Three Sisters
Six Degrees of Masculinity

Program Number 92:  “Climactic Conditions”

Program Number 93:  “Transitory Pleasures”

Program Number 94:  “There’s Nothing Between Us – We’re Just Good Friends”

Program Number 95:  “Prodigious Talents”
All in the Family

Program Number 96:  “He Hasn’t Been the Same Since”

Program Number 97:  “Under the Influence”

Program Number 98:  “I’ve Got a Right to Be Influenced by the Blues”
Two Blues
The Feeling; The Form
The Blues in French

Program Number 99:  “All That Jazz: The Early Years”

Program Number 100:  “Good Enough for Jazz”

Program Number 101:  “Green Dolphin is a Two-Way Street, But It’s Got a Median Strip”

Program Number 102:  “Things Fall Apart”
Who’s Got the Key?
You Say Yin & I Say Yang
Running the Gamut

Program Number 103:  “Background Information”

Program Number 104:  “‘And How Would You Like that Prepared Sir?’ ‘Harmonically, Please.’”
The “Your Rhythm Is Good Enough for Me” Suite
Simplicity Itself
Hold That Chord
Once Is Not Enough

Program Number 105:  “Boom Chick & Beyond”
Basic Boom Chick
Advanced Boom Chick
Beyond Boom Chick

Program Number 106:  “‘And How Would You Like that Prepared Sir?’ ‘Rhythmically, Please.’”
The “I’ll Do a Melody, You Hit Something” Suite
The “You Do a Bass Line, I’ll Do a Melody” Suite
The “You Do a Melody, I’ll Do Another Melody” Suite

Program Number 107:  “Folk Music, Schmolk Music!”
Old Folks at a Mobile Home
Morning Dew, Blown Away

Program Number 108:  “The Whole Picture Includes the Frame”
The Setter & the Setee
Set It High & Set It Low; What We Hear Is All We Need to Know

Program Number 109:  “If It’s a Folk Song, It Isn’t Stealing”
L’Homme Arme Suite

Program Number 110:  “Exoticism Begins at Home”

Program Number 111:  “Leave the Playing to Us”

Program Number 112:  “Revenge of the Nerdy Instruments”
Mechanical Instrument Suite

Program Number 113:  “We Never Make Misteaks”
The “If at First You Don’t Succeed, Fail, Fail, Again” Suite

Program Number 114:  “If It’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing Again”
The Band on the Stand
The “Write It Once, Play It Twice” Suite

Program Number 115:  “And Now for Something Not Really So Very Different At All”
The More-or-Less Isorhythmic Suite
The “Expect the Unexpected” Suite

Program Number 116:  “Five Finger Exercises”
Around the World in Five Tones

Program Number 117:  “Gin & Pentatonic”
All in the Five-Tone Family
Mixed Marriage Suite No. 1
Mixed Marriage Suite No. 2

Program Number 118:  “Vox Omnia”
The Avian Suitelet
The Felino-Simian Suitelet
The Instumental Suite

Program Number 119:  “I Sing the Body Eclectic”
The Body Music Suite
Two Voices for the Price of One
The “Work While You Whistle” Suite
A Whistler in the Band

Program Number 120:  “The Ties that Bind”
The Boxer & the Dancer

Program Number 121:  “That Wierd & Intoxicating Effect”
Pieces of Cakewalk
The “You’ve Got Plenty of Time to Get There Early” Suite

Program Number 122:  “The Count Is 3 & 2”
The “Don’t Count on Me” Suite

Program Number 123:  “Keeping Christmas”
Christmas Spirits

Program Number 124:  “Quintessential Music”
Beat Me Daddy, Five to the Bar
Two Hearts in Five-Four Time
High Fives

Program Number 125:  “My, That’s an Odd Meter!”
Seven With a Bullet
A Stich in Time

Program Number 126:  “Loud & Portable”
Citizens Bands: A World Tour
Oddball In the Side Pocket

Program Number 127:  “The Harmonie Ensemble: Life of the Party or Music Molester?”
Inter-Era Harmoniemusik

Program Number 128:  “Sonic Boomerangs”
The Simulated Real Thing Echo Suite
Son of the Simulated Real Thing Echo Suite
The Highly-Stylized Echo Suite

Program Number 129:  “Opposition is True Friendship”
The “Separate But Antiphonal Equal” Suite
The “David & Goliath” Antiphonal Suite
The “Noli Me Tangere” Suite

Program Number 130:  “The Reverbing of America”
Three Examples of Evocative Reverb

Program Number 131:  “First Among Equals, and Don’t You Forget It, Buster”
Inter-Era Violin Concerto
The “There Goes the Neighborhood” Concerto

Program Number 132:  “If You’ve Got It, Baby, Flaunt It!”

Program Number 133:  “SFX 1138”
Siren Songs
The Wind Section
The Hills Are Alive With the Music of Sounds
Forth & Back

Program Number 134:  “No Animals Were Harmed in the Making of This Program”
The Real Thing
Sheep Music
Animal Ambiance

Program Number 135:  “Clothes Encounters”
To Clothe or Not to Clothe
Clothes Make the Man
Metaphorical Clothes

Program Number 136:  “All or Nothing”
The “Mind Over Matter, Hat Over Mind” Song Cycle
The Birthday Suit Suite

Program Number 137:  “Marcia Exotica”
Hut, Two, Three
Not Your Standard Marching Band
Vocal Cords On Parade
If You Say So

Program Number 138:  “From the Marching Field to the Concert Hall in Two Quick & Easy Steps”
The Inter-Era Symphonic March Suite
Who Wrote That Thing?
Two Composers Crossing The Street

Program Number 139:  “Symphonic March Music: All the Fun and None of the Responsibility”

Program Number 140:  “Bang the Drum Slowly”
Priests, Fireman & Pharaohs
Death Marches
After All Is Said & Done

Program Number 141:  “Marches Are Your Friends”
Hey, I Know That Song!
Hey, Lighten Up!
Hey, You’re Marching Off the Beaten Path!

Program Number 142:  “What You See Is Not What You Get” — a program about transposition

Program Number 143:  “Pick-Up Shticks” — a program about pick-up notes
One Note Pick-Ups
Two Note Pick-Ups
Three Note Pick-Ups
Four Note Pick-Ups
Five Note Pick-Up
Six & Seven Note Pick-Ups
“You Go Ahead, I’ll Catch Up”

Program Number 144:  “When Mr. Wrong Is Mr. Right: Part 1” — a program about whem musically incorrect is artistically right on
Tone Quality

Program Number 145:  “When Mr. Wrong Is Mr. Right: Part 2” — a second program about when musically incorrect is artistically right on

Program Number 146:  “Mondo Glissando” — a program about musical sliding around
When In Doubt, Slide
Slip Slidin’: A Way
Virtual Glissandi
“Isn’t It About Time Your Voice Changed?”

Program Number 147:  “ppff: The Dynamic Art of Music” — a program about piano and forte
The Isovolume Suite
Suite with a Terrace

Program Number 148:  “Hairpins for Really Big Hair” — a program about long crescendos and decrescendos
Manheim On My Mind
Big Left-Handed Hairpins
Big Right-Handed Hairpins

Program Number 149:  “Wallflowers of the Woodwind Family” — a program about woodwinds “that don’t get no respect”
English Horn
Bass Clarinet

Program Number 150:  “Polka Party at Pete’s Place”
Polkas To Dance To
Polkas To Listen To
Polkas To Smile Or Grimace At
Mondo Polka

Program Number 151:  “For Prague, With Love” — a program about one of Mozart’s most beautiful pieces

Program Number 152:  “Flea to Bee, You and Me” — A program about … er, bugs
Bee Serious!
Be All You Can, Bee
You Can Run, But You Can’t Flee

Program Number 153:  “Yuck!” — More about … er, bugs
The Small Scourges Suite
The “Eight Arms to Hold You” Suite
Arachnids in the Night

Program Number 154:  “Your Standard B-Flat Bugs” — Even more about … er, bugs
Butterfly Suite
Ant Suite
Worm Suite
Plaza Suite

Program Number 155:  “Under the Weather”
The Lovesick, Homesick, Seasick Song Cycle
“The Moon, the Horse & the Candle” Song Cycle
The “Critical Condition” Suite
Operation “Operation”

Program Number 156:  “Forth & Back”

Program Number 157:  “The Gospel Accordion to Pete”
Hitting the Accordion Clubs
Taking the Accordion Cruise
Downtown Accordions

Program Number 158:  “Beer Drinker at a Cocktail Party”
International Suite for Unaccompanied Accordion
Chamber Suite No. 1: “Il Penseroso”
Chamber Suite No. 2: “L’Allegro”

Program Number 159:  “Accordion Hits the Big Time!”
Accordions in the Orchestra
Too Much of a Good Thing?
The New World Accordion Concerto

Program Number 160:  “Day of Wrath, Day of Yuckyness”
Songs My Monster Taught Me

Program Number 161:  “Every Witch Way”
Covenly Choruses
Witchcraft Ebbing
Whiffs of Witchcraft

Program Number 162:  “The End of the World is Nigh”
Days of Wrath

Program Number 163:  “Santa’s Mixed Bag”

Program Number 164:  “Schickele Mix Sports Radio”
Three Base Hits
Dribble On Down the Road

Program Number 165:  “Ostinati Obbligati” — The first of three programs about minimalism

Program Number 166:  “P G & I” — The second of three programs about minimalism — this one about Philip Glass

Program Number 167:  “Close Encounters of the Canonic Kind” — The third of three programs about minimalism
Cut to the Chase

Program Number 168:  “Pastorale, and How It Grew”

Program Number 169:  “Playing by the Rules”

Listener Support Special #1:  A program about programmatic music — music which tells a story or paints a picture
The Machines in Music Suite
The Mystery Programmatic Suite

Listener Support Special #2:  A program which toys with the relationship between music and money
The “Pay Up” Song Cycle
The “All You Ever Think About is Money” Song Cycle
The “Hey, Death I Can Live With, It’s Taxes That Bring Me Down” Song Cycle

Listener Support Special #3:  “Old Wine in New Aluminum Cans”
The Melisma-to-Patter-Song Cycle
“Fancy Meeting You Here”
The “You Have To Hear It To Believe It” Lyric Festival

Listener Support Special #4:  “A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread, and Thou”
Part 1 — A Jug of Wine
Part 2 — A Loaf of Bread
Part 3 — Thou

Listener Support Special #5:  “My Night at the Karaoke Bar”

Listener Support Special #6:  “The ‘Schickele Mix Home Delivery’ Service”

Listener Support Special #7:  “You Heard Me!”
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Listener Support Special #8:  “What’s THAT Got to Do With It?”
Part 1: Our Very First Date
Part 2: Arm in Arm
Part 3: They’ve Got You Coming and Going

Listener Support Special #9:  “Guests in the Studio”
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Listener Support Special #10:  “Classical Music: Say What?”
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Listener Support Special #11:  “The Best of Schickele Mix, Part One”
Who Wrote That Thing?

Listener Support Special #12:  “The Best of Schickele Mix, Part Two”

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