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Although Peter Schickele has been called “a rare visitor to television” (TV Guide), he has also been called “a rather more frequent visitor to radio” (The Peter Schickele/P.D.Q. Bach Web Site).  His longest sustained radio appearance was his syndicated radio program Schickele Mix, which is described elsewhere on this Web site.  Additional non-Schickele Mix radio appearances are described right here on this very page, in a style of organization and level of detail that at first glance appears to be arbitrary but upon further reflection turns out to be truly haphazard, including links to archived radio broadcasts at the bottom of this page.  

During almost all of the long run of annual P.D.Q. Bach concerts in New York City in December, there have been annual appearances on New York City radio programs to promote those concerts.  These appearances often included live performances of both P.D.Q. Bach and Peter Schickele music, on such programs as The Listening Room with Robert Sherman on WQXR, Around New York on WNYC, and WNCN’s morning program with Elliott Forrest.  Although all of these programs, and in the case of WNCN the entire radio station, are no longer on the air, this sad state cannot be attributed to the fact that they regularly played P.D.Q. Bach’s music.  Mr. Schickele also had non-annual-concert-related appearances on New York radio on such programs as WNYC’s New Sounds Live with John Schaefer, including their early 2001 live broadcasts of A Great Day In New York, a 9-concert festival devoted to American composers.  

Sometimes Mr. Schickele has shown up on well-respected radio programs broadcast nationwide, such as Piano Jazz with Marian McPartland and Performance Today.  He made several appearances on Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion and American Radio Company of the Air, starting in 1984.  His resourcefulness has also been demonstrated on both Desert Island Disks and Survival Kit.  The St. Paul Chamber Orchestra premiered Mr. Schickele’s Symphony No. 2 “The Sweet Season” on September 22, 2001, and this historic performance was recorded for broadcast on public radio stations in 2002.  Most recently he appeared on A Musical Life with Hugh Sung.


Archived Radio Broadcasts and Podcasts

Several of the radio programs and poscasts on which Peter Schickele has appeared have been archived on the shows’ Web sites for historical listening over the Web.  The following list includes links to some of these radio archives that we’ve heard about.  These links were accurate at the time that we published them, but it is possible for the remote sites to change their content without telling us.  Please let us know via e-mail if any of these links are incorrect or if there are other archived radio programs with Peter Schickele which the world should know about.

bulletA Musical Life:  Mr. Schickele talks with Hugh Sung in a music interview podcast available on the A Musical Life website.

bulletComedy on Vinyl, September 26, 2014:  Peter Schickele was the guest for episode 112 of Jason Klamm’s podcast of Comedy on Vinyl, a show featuring discussions on influential and important comedy albums from the age of vinyl recordings including, in this case, early P.D.Q. Bach records.

bulletThe Tom and Doug Show:  The “uniquely unknown” hosts of The Tom and Doug Show on KHOI-FM have featured interviews with Peter Schickele on several editions of their program, most recently on June 30, 2014 and April 21, 2014 (links directly to .mp3 recording of program).  A previous interview has been assembled into a two-hour special program available on their Peter Schickele Archive Page.

bulletAmerican Public Media’s Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor, December 23, 2006:  Peter Schickele premiered an arrangement of Christmas tunes for seldom used musical instruments, Joy to the World, Especially Out of Work Musicians.  He also got a vocal quartet to sing P.D.Q. Bach’s O Little Town of Hackensack.  This is archived on the Prairie Home Companion Web site on the page for the December 23, 2006 broadcast. 


bulletWNYC Soundcheck with John Schaefer, November 29, 2005:  John Schaefer talks to Peter Schickele about some of his favorite recordings, and even briefly mentions the upcoming 40-year Retrogressive concerts.  This is archived on the WNYC Web site in their Soundcheck archives section.

bulletAmerican Public Media’s Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor, July 2, 2005:  Peter Schickele sang his own songs Cyndi and If Love Is Real with David Düsing, in a program broadcast from Tanglewood.  He also dined at the Café Boeuf and helped teach the audience how to sing the old hymn Palms of Victory.  This is archived on the Prairie Home Companion Web site on the page for the July 2, 2005 broadcast. 


bulletWNYC Soundcheck with John Schaefer, December 17, 2004:  John Schaefer talks to Peter Schickele about The Lexicon of Musical Invective and about music criticism in general, but they do fit in some information about the annual P.D.Q. Bach concerts as well.   This is archived on the WNYC Web site in their Soundcheck archives section.


bulletPRI’s From The Top with Christopher O’Riley, January 19, 2004:  In a performance recorded before a live audience in Troy, New York, young musicians play some Peter Schickele music, including the Waltz from Dream Dances, and he discusses music that he wrote when he was young.  Host Christopher O’Riley also performs a live excerpt from P.D.Q. Bach’s The Short-Tempered Clavier, a work he has recorded for Telarc.  The From The Top Web site has an archive recording of the program.  


bulletNPR’s Wait Wait... Don’t Tell Me, June 28, 2003:  In front of a live audience in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Mr. Schickele takes the Not My Job quiz and sings a round with Michèle Eaton and David Düsing.  This can be found on NPR’s Web site in the Wait Wait section.  

bulletWNYC Survival Kit with Leonard Lopate, June 16, 2002:  Peter Schickele discussed what items he would bring to Leonard Lopate’s hypothetical remote location, including many selected recordings.  The interview is no longer available online, but the article with the list of recordings is archived on the WNYC Web site in their Survival Kit archives section.  Originally broadcast in June of 2002, it was repeated in December of 2002 and can be found in the archives under that date too.

bulletMPR’s Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor, December 23, 2000:  Peter Schickele’s appearance on this show included the world premiere performance of P.D.Q. Bach’s Two and a Half Variations on “In Dulci Jubilo,” a piece for koto, musical saw, krummhorn and serpent.  This is archived on the Prairie Home Companion Web site for the December 23, 2000 broadcast, along with some pictures of the occasion. 


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