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Program Number 68

“What IS that Instrument”

One-of-a-Kind Instrumental Aggregations

PARTCH:  From “And on the Seventh Day Petals Fell in Petaluma”, Gate 5 Ensemble/Partch, CRI 213

P. D. Q. BACH:  From Concerto for Horn & Hardart (S. 27), 1st Mvt., Chamber Orchestra/Mester, “An Evening with P.D.Q. Bach”, Vanguard VBD 79195

CORNWELL:  “Penny’s Tune”, Nick O'lodeon Plays Actual Music on His Kaleidocosmicorgrig, Nick O'lodeon Records

Teaching Old Pianos New Tricks

COWELL:  “The Banshee”, Henry Cowell, “Sounds of New Music”, Folkways FX 6160

CAGE:  Dance, Sounds of New Music, Folkways FX 6160

COWELL:  “Sinister Resonance”, Henry Cowell, “Sounds of New Music”, Folkways FX 6160

How Do You Do That, Anyway?

FOSS:  “The Cave of the Winds” for Wind Quintet, The Dorian Quintet, Vox SVBX 5307

SCRUGGS (BMI):  “Flint Hill Special”, Earl Taylor & His Stoney Mountain Boys, “Folk Songs from the Blue Grass”, United Artists UAL 3049

COWELL:  “Exultation’, Alan Feinberg, “The American Innovator”, Argo 436 925 2

JORDAN (BMI):  “Fundance”, Stanley Jordan, “Stanley Jordan”, Blue Note BT 85101

Strange Bedfellows

HARRISON:  Music for Violin with Various Instruments, 3rd Mvt., William Bouton, violin, “The Music of Lou Harrison”, Phoenix PHCD 118

CRUMB:  From “Ancient Voices of Children,” “Todas las tardes en Granada, todas las tardes se muere un nino”, Jan DeGaetani/The Contemporary Chamber Ensemble/Weisberg, Elektra/Nonesuch 9 79149 2

Ichiban Hajime Wa, Fumio Matsumoto & Music-Makers, “The Sound of Japanese Music”, King SKK 309

Tidbit Time

Ten Cent Piece, Reaves White County Ramblers, “Echoes of the Ozarks”, County 519

Our theme music is

MOZART:  Symphony No. 24 (K 182), 2nd Mvt., Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra of London/Leinsdorf, MCA Classics MCAD2 9812B


Schickele Mix is written & hosted by Peter Schickele, produced by Tom Voegeli Productions, and distributed nationwide by Public Radio International.  Funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and your public radio station.  

Format:  “COMPOSER: Composition, Performer, Record Name, Record Label and Number”.
We regret that due to copyright restrictions it is not possible to offer Schickele Mix broadcasts on CD or tape or download.

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